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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

اهلا ومرحبا بكم جميعا في اولي حلقات كورس bookworm

لجعل المحتوي افضل وسماع لارائكم 

يمكنك ارسال تعليقك هنا في هذا لموضوع 

لكي يمكن متابعتكم بسهوله 

شكرا لكم 

وبالتوفيق للجميع
لمشاهدة الحلقة على youtube
للوصول الى صفحة القراءة
للوصول الى صفحة الترجمة

من فضلك سجل دخولك أو قم بتسجيل حساب للإجابة على هذا السؤال

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First, Thanks a lot Mr/ Ibrahim for all you do and this book looks great from the beginning.

I agree with the writer because if you want to do a thing, this thing is one of your dreams, you really want to achieve it and you have the determination and the right way to lead you, you'll work hard and do the impossible to achieve it. And don't say this goal is hard and I can't achieve it because you can. It doesn't matter how small are your steps the important is working hard and believing that you can do that . I want to end my topic with this qoute

" No thing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible".

Thanks a lot and

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته.

كانت حلقه اكتر من رائعة واستفدت منها جدا وكانت مليئة بالتحفيز وان احنا نقدر نحقق أحلامنا أيا كان عمرنا أو قدراتنا ودا كان رأيي عن الكاتب ووجهة نظري عن اللي كتبه ويا رب نخلص امتحانات عشان نقدر ننتظم تاني في المذاكرة مع طليق وz American.

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ان شاءالله وبالتوفيق ليك كمان
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Your insights for topic is really worth reading again and again. Your words are speaking the truth it doesn't matter how our ages or where we live. It matters what we will create wonderful versions from ourselves The most important thing is to become dreamers and achievers in the same time.
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Thanks a lot, Baneen glad you loved
. You're right what matters is what we'll create and achieve in the life .
Thanks again Baneen ❤️
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Thank you sweetie for your nice response. I am glad of Reading words . Sending love to you.❤❤❤
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كانت حلقه رائعه وفقك الله دكتور ابراهيم
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كانت حلقه مليئه بالمعلومات و المفردات القيمه وفقك الله دكتور أبراهيم
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Greetings, first of all I really like your comment it was very passion for me,  we can say alot of things about success, but we must keep in mind that one of the most important things is that how can we use our time, money and effort in the right way. To be honest we have a lot of problems and talking about success isn't enough to fix our problems, as a result one of the biggest problems is that we waste our time in social media, furthermore its unfortunately shaped our thoughts and make us lazy and stopped us from achieving our goals. Here is the question.. How can we avoid social media and focus on what matters?.
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Good evening.
Thanks a lot for your great words and opinion I really liked it.
You're right that's a problem and we should solve it . First, we shouldn't totally avoid social media but we can use it for doing useful things like learning new things, reading, searching for new information etc .
We also can rid of the bad apps which only waste our time and we don't take advantage of it. We can read a lot and learn how to use our time in the right why and how to manage it.
Thanks again and good luck for you
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You are right,Greetings to you
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It's obvious man , delete them from your mobile then you will get out of these hard bugs
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it was great, but short. i was hoping to cover a lot of paper we're in advanced level . finally i want to sent my regard to mr ibrahim
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I agree with you in this point , thanks mr Ibrahim
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الحلقة رائعة وشكرا على الكورس الجميل ربنا يحفظك أستاذنا
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والله حلو كتييير و ممتعه ومشوقه و محفزه لكن هناك شي انا احيانا لا افهم كل كلمه افهم المعنا العام هل هذا جسد ام احتاج ان ابذل جهد اكثر
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يمكنك أن تبحث عنهم من علي القواميس الانجليزية مثل Cambridge و Oxford وغيره من القواميس المعتمدة
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اخي لم تفهم قصدي انا قصدت ان احيانا بعض الكلمات ما افهمهم بالحديث افهم فقط المعنا العام
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you should train more and listen more then you will be good
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Thanks got it , i will tray and work hard
سُئل فبراير 20، 2021 في تصنيف bookworm بواسطة (4 نقاط) وانا نفس الحالة
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It was so full of motivation, to be honest, I don't like talking about motivation and be hardworking because most of them are repetitive, but this one is a little bit different.

"The how-to-do-it always comes to the person who believes he can do it."

This part is the best part for me, It's so meaningful and expressing

Something I didn't learn, but this book reminded me about, is
I'm positive I can do it

It's true, if you always feel pessimistic you're going to achieve nothing, you'll achieve Zero

I can't say it wasn't good, but talking about success and not trying to be successful angers me, for this reason I don't read much about success, but I do much to make a success 

I don't say that this book motivates us to read about success and not trying to be successful, but, you know, it's not my kind of books. 

it's so-so.

Thanks a lot for reading heart

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I don't read much about success, but I do much to make a success
تصدق بقى إن الكلمتين اللي انت قولتهم دول☝
أجدع عندي مليون.مرة من اللي قاله الكاتب
فتح الله لك.تحياتي
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Your words made my day, thank you sooooo much
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very awesome
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Hello my friend,  I'm agree with you,  we should work hard and make success.
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Can Mr. Ibrahim slowly explain the words in red and increase the duration of the episode a little?

 ❤✔❤I benefited a lot, a really wonderful series.

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ممكن نخفف على أستاذنا ونتعب احنا شوية في النقطة دي عن طريق القاموس، بحيث نوفر مجهوده لشيء آخر
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ممكن صديقي نور الدين
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لقد قمت بشره في السابق ساعيد نشره هنا في شكل صوره ان شاء الله

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I have just finished the episode and it was Epic!, full of motivation

But to be honest l feel a little bit hard to read some words , but l will listen to it again
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You will get the hang of it as much as you read it again and again.
Best of luck my friend
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I wanna ask a question

I wanna download this listening , what should l do?
بواسطة (14 نقاط)
You can use snaptube it's easy to use
It allow you to download bothe video and audio
If you wanna know how to download follow these steps down
1.tap "share" button under the video
2."search for "download with snaptube
3.choose any audio format or video
4. Congratulations you have done
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الحلقه جميله جدا, واجمل  جمله فيها هى

The how to do it always comes to the person who believes he can do it.

وكنت عايزة اطلب طلب لو ينفع تخلوها زى podcast هيكون الوصول ليها سهل .

وشكرا ليكم بجد .
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the episode was wanderful,please  make more of these episodes, especially the translation

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